A little bit about myself... and this website.

This was once a website for a business that I started in 2019 and that was shut down in 2020 during COVID-19. Ever since, I have been wondering what to do with this website. And then this idea of turning this failed business website into a personal space for sharing my thoughts and knowledge came. So here we are. All of this is just an experiment for me. There is no grand plan behind this. I just have the idea of sharing my research, notes and knowledge and seeing what happens next.

Here you will find my thoughts and information that I have collected throughout my life, dating back to high school, when I first started writing and researching. The topics I most often research and write about are law, finance, economics, philosophy and psychology. Of course, some topics cannot strictly be in these categories, so you will find articles related to sports, business, history and politics, as well.

Achieve everything by being curious

Achieve everything by being curious

Curiosity can sometimes be seen as a negative thing. There is a saying about curiosity and death: “Curiosity killed the cat.”. Even my elementary geography...
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