Opening a Bank Account

January 27, 2019
Opening a Bank Account
Vuk Vučković Attorney at Law - Legal Consultant

Whether you are an individual or managing a company, opening a bank account and getting access to online banking is a must to keep tabs on your finances. 

The first step towards opening a bank account is to choose a bank. We can help you analyze your needs and choose the right bank which offers exactly those services which suit you the most.

After that, we offer our assistance for preparing and completing all the necessary paperwork regarding contracts and other documentation you need. For opening a bank account in Serbia you will need the following:

  • Application form for account opening;
  • Contract for opening and maintaining a (local currency) Dinar account for non-resident legal entities;
  • Contract for opening and maintaining an FCY account for non-resident legal entities;
  • Necessary documents for account opening for domestic residents;
  • Signature specimens.

In case you want to register a branch office of a foreign legal entity, you will also need:

  • Deposit Insurance Brochure;
  • Statement of the Deposit insurance;
  • Contract for opening and maintaining a short-term deposit account for resident legal entities.

In Serbia, this can be done through a special Power of Attorney with apostille (an international certificate issued by governmental authorities in the country where the document was issued).

Everything that is related to bank accounts, either for legal entities or natural persons is governed and stipulated by National Bank of Serbia.