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Novi Sad is connected to the region with road and railway routes as well as waterways and is the economic center of Vojvodina, the most fertile agricultural region in Serbia. The city also represents one of the largest economic and cultural hubs in Serbia.

Novi Sad is in the center of a highway network connecting Northeastern and Eastern Europe to the Middle and Far East, as well as Central and Northern Europe to the ports of the Adriatic Sea.

It is the administrative, economic, cultural, scientific and touristic center of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina.

As the most up-and-coming city in Serbia the city lies on the European Corridor 10 which connects eight countries on its main route from Salzburg to Thessaloniki, and another six countries with its side routes, it is the best place to do your business.

Novi Sad is an IT capitol of Serbia and one of the biggest IT centers in this part of Europe and it lies on the EuroVelo6 route - one of the most popular bicycling routes through Europe.

It was selected to be one of the "European Capital of Culture" cities for the year 2021.

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