General Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

1. Scope and Subject of the General Terms and Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions (“GTC”) constitute the service contract between AsstOffice (operated by AsstOffice d.o.o. Novi Sad) and the client (the “Client”) and apply to all legal relationships between them for the provision of immigration and business related services. It is implicit that the Client has accepted the GTC when submitting the order with AsstOffice.

The Client and AsstOffice may deviate from the GTC by mutual agreement, in which case the relevant provision(s) in the GTC shall be superseded. Notwithstanding, any deviation from the GTC shall not be legally binding unless confirmed in writing by AsstOffice.

2. Offers, Conclusion of Contracts and Service Fee

AsstOffice’s offer is valid exclusively in writing (mail or email) and for a period of 1 month as of the date of the offer, unless a specific validity date is set in the offer.

A contract will have been entered into after the Client accepts in writing, an offer issued by AsstOffice, or if AsstOffice sends a written confirmation of an assignment granted by the Client.

Unless the Client giving the assignment explicitly states that he/she is acting on behalf of a third party at the moment the contract is entered into and unless he/she states the name and billing address of this third party, AsstOffice will consider the person who has given the assignment to AsstOffice to be the Client. The service fee is stated in the offer provided by AsstOffice to the Client.

3. Modification and Cancellation of Orders

In the event that the Client makes any changes or additions to an assignment after the contract has been entered into, AsstOffice shall be entitled to charge an additional fee and/or alter the delivery deadline.
Cancellation of an order at any point is possible only in case providing the service becomes impossible due to reasons beyond the Client’s control.

The cancellation of an order is only valid if made in writing (mail or email).

AsstOffice offers most of its services on a prepaid basis. If an order is cancelled while the service is being performed, AsstOffice shall provide the Client with the work performed to date, and the parts not yet performed or delivered may be refunded (see section 8: Payment).

4. Execution of Orders, Delivery and Delivery Deadline

AsstOffice agrees to carry out the Client’s order in a competent and professional manner.
If the date/time of completion of the service constitutes a substantial element of the order, the Client shall include this fact when placing the order. Delivery deadlines shall not be valid unless they have been expressly confirmed by AsstOffice in writing. AsstOffice agrees to immediately inform the Client of any circumstances that may delay an agreed delivery date/time.

The Client is held to do all that is necessary in order to make timely delivery by AsstOffice possible.
If the Client fails to provide AsstOffice with the materials necessary for carrying out the service in due time, as agreed in the order, AsstOffice shall be entitled to extend the delivery deadline with the time period of the delay.

AsstOffice may request, and the Client agrees to provide, additional information, documentation, or other reference materials pertaining to the service under contract. The Client shall supply such material and/or information to AsstOffice at the Client’s own risk and expense.

5. Confidentiality

AsstOffice shall observe strict confidentiality regarding all information made available by the Client. AsstOffice shall take all reasonable steps to secure that every internal and external service provider who gains access to the Client’s information keeps it in strict confidence. AsstOffice cannot be held liable for any unforeseen third party violation of their duty of confidentiality.

AsstOffice and the Client agree to keep strictly confidential all business, proprietary and other confidential information of the other party, which has become known to either party during the business relationship and after said relationship has been terminated. Both parties agree to take special care that all such information is kept confidential from third parties not involved in matters of the business relationship between AsstOffice and the Client. All contractual agreements between the Client and AsstOffice shall be kept securely and away from unauthorized access. The confidentiality obligation will remain in effect even after the business relationship or contractual agreement(s) is ended.

The Client consents to AsstOffice indicating the Client as a reference in AsstOffice’s marketing materials.

6. Quality Complaints and Warranty Claims

Complaints regarding the quality of the services must be filed by the Client immediately, but no later than one week after the receipt of the respective materials. The Client shall be liable for any damage arising from the delayed filing of the complaint. The quality complaint or warranty claim, together with the supporting evidence, shall be filed with AsstOffice in writing. Stating a quality complaint or a warranty claim shall not necessarily release the Client from their obligation to pay.

In case of a valid quality complaint or warranty claim, the Client shall grant AsstOffice a reasonable period of time to improve or substitute the materials. Should the Client deny this possibility to AsstOffice or engage a third party to remedy the deficiencies, then AsstOffice shall be released from its obligation to improve or substitute the product.

Should AsstOffice remedy the deficiencies within the agreed period, the Client shall be obliged to pay the full amount of the invoice.
Should AsstOffice fail to correct the deficiencies within an appropriate extension of the deadline, the Client may terminate the contract or may claim a fee reduction. In the case of minor mistakes, the Client shall not be entitled to terminate the contract.

7. Indemnification

AsstOffice is liable for the damages caused to the Client, pursuant to the general rules of the Serbian Civil Code. AsstOffice accepts no liability for any damages suffered by the Client attributable to the Client’s actions or inaction. AsstOffice shall not be liable for the Client’s loss of profit. AsstOffice shall under no circumstances be liable for other forms of damage, such as consequential damage, loss of profit or other losses.

AsstOffice shall be obliged to indemnify proven damages up to a maximum amount of 50% of the service fee, exclusive of applicable taxes, but not exceeding EUR 200 per assignment.

8. Payment

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the Client undertakes to pay the agreed service fee via bank transfer, by credit card or in cash in advance, before AsstOffice starts providing the service.
In case of late payment, the Client shall be obliged to pay additionally the applicable late payment interest.

Should the Client delay in payment, AsstOffice retains the right to suspend any ongoing assignment for the Client until the full payment of the outstanding service fee is made. This measure is also applicable to those Client’s orders where a fixed delivery deadline was agreed with AsstOffice.
In case a service is cancelled, a refund might be available in inverse proportion to the extent the service has been performed.

9. Copyright

Unless there is an explicit, written agreement to the contrary, the copyright to any documents produced by AsstOffice shall rest with AsstOffice. Upon payment of the full amount indicated in the invoice, according to AsstOffice’s payment terms, the copyright of the document passes to the Client. Any use of a product before receipt of full payment is deemed as full acceptance of the service rendered by AsstOffice without reservation.

The Client shall indemnify AsstOffice against any and all claims by third parties in respect of alleged violation of property rights, patent rights, copyrights or other intellectual property rights to the execution of the contract.

10. Applicable Law

All legal relationships between the Client and AsstOffice shall be governed by Serbian Law. All legal disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of Novi Sad, Serbia.