Managing Legal Entity

February 10, 2019
Managing Legal Entity

The demanding tasks of legal entity management cover different departments, such as legal, taxation, finance and controlling.

AsstOffice provides you with assistance regarding monitoring and management of legal entity, as well as the implementation of strategic or organizational planning and decision making related to the stated entity.

Additionally, our team can assist you with performing control and managing the daily affairs of interconnected units.

It is our firm belief that only through combined knowledge of various areas of law, such as Company Law, Tax Law, Law on Obligations, Law on Foreign Exchange Transactions and Foreign Trade and VAT Law, your company will be set on the strong ground.

Efficient legal entity management turns into a real competitive advantage due to the cooperation of different departments as well as subsidiaries and the headquarters.

Furthermore, AsstOffice can also be registered as the legal representative of your Serbian company, so that we can do all the filed work for you while you are focusing on your business.

All of this is done through the Power of Attorney and agreement which we will prepare for you.

If you need trustworthy associates with experience and knowledge from, both, Serbian and European Union law – contact AsstOffice.