Human Resources and Organizational Development

February 11, 2019
Human Resources and Organizational Development

After selecting the company’s activity and adopting the business strategy, next step is to fulfill the need for finding an adequate human capital for the company, which will directly influence on the policy of work and the progress of the company.

As today’s workforce mostly consists of knowledge workers, businesses need to change the organization of work continually and to adopt modern technologies in order to survive on the market and provide growth.

In this race, companies relied on individuals or human resource management teams. Human Resource Management helps the enterprise to define its primary work positions and provide the necessary and qualified executors who will be able to meet the set goals, ensure the sustainable development of the company and create a recognizable image in relation to the competition.

Another important goal for Human Resource Management is understanding, developing and identifying talents, which gives a clear signal to the company that it wants to retain and attract individuals needed to achieve its business objectives. The Human Resource Management is tasked to put an advertisement for the job in an adequate manner, perform the selection based on biography, interviews and, if necessary, conduct a check of the required quality of the candidate, select the method of engagement and harmonize it with the labor law and employment standards, organizes the billing service salary and compensation, evaluates the work and forms the employee’s file.

Monitoring and implementing the factors that makes the enterprise more efficient is done by aligning Human Resource Management practices with various regulations, ensuring high performance and motivating employees.

Here at Asst Office we can do this for you by:

  • Recruitment and Selection of Candidates
  • Outsourcing / Outstaffing
  • Temporary Employment
  • Headhunting – Direct Search for Professionals
  • Youth Employment
  • Try & Hire
  • Advertising On Behalf Of a Client
  • Payrolling

Therefore if you need assistance in the fields of Human Resources and Organizational Development contact Asst Office team today.