Portugal – Corporate Services

October 24, 2019
Portugal – Corporate Services
Vuk Vučković Attorney at Law - Legal Consultant

If you are looking into starting a business in Portugal, our team is ready to assist you with all the necessary paperwork, so that your business or investment is compliant with all the legal requirements.

Corporate Services that we provide in Portugal are:

  • Incorporation and Management Services;
  • Tax Compliance, Accounting and Audit;
  • Real Estate Advisory and Management;
  • Administrative Services;
  • Corporate Concierge Services;
  • Expat Concierge Services.

Why Portugal?

First that we have in mind when we talk about business and life are costs. Having this in mind, it is important to state that Portugal ranks in the Top 30 Cheapest Countries in Europe, surpassing Spain, Malta, Greece, and France.

Next, of course is safety and stability. Portugal is in top 5 peaceful and safest countries in the world. This is followed by the fact that Portugal is in top 10 worlds countries regarding quality of life, and second best for retirement in Europe.

Political stability plays on of the most important roles when thinking about moving your family or business to abroad. Portugal has a strong tradition of political stability, with power alternating between the two main centre parties since 1974.

Together with political stability comes Law and Rights. As a member of European Union, Portugal has legal system has been influenced by German and French laws.

What type of companies can be incorporated in Portugal?

In accordance with the Portuguese law, should you decide to start a business in Portugal, you can incorporate on of the following companies:

  • Private Limited Company (Lda.);
  • Single Partner Limited Company (Unipessoal Lda.);
  • Private Limited Company (S.A.);
  • Holding Company (SGPS);
  • Limited Partnership Company;
  • General Partnership Company.

If you want to incorporate a company in Portugal, or you need assistance with any other Corporate Services that we provide in Portugal, feel free to contact Asst Office team, and we will provide you suitable answers.