Slovakia – Business & Corporate Consulting

June 5, 2019
Slovakia - Business & Corporate Consulting
Milan Šogorov Attorney at Law - Legal Consultant

Slovakia is all about experiencing a place of folkways, nature, culture. It is country known for its castle ruins, traditional villages, and mountainous national parks. But it is much more!

Since joining European Union (EU), Slovakia is fastest growing economy from Visegrad Group (other members are Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic), with per capita income rising from 57% of the EU average in 2004 to 76% in 2012. Beside Visegrad Group and EU, Slovakia is also a member of NATO, United Nations, OECD and World Trade Organization (WTO)

Surrounded by the Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Ukraine and Hungary, Slovakia has a good geographical and strategical position to start a business venture. Therefore, we can assist you with business consulting services such as:

Our assistance can be also provided regarding immigration services:

  • Assistance with visa, work permit and temporary and permanent residence permits;
  • Assistance for family members of a foreigner who works in Slovakia;
  • Assistance with obtaining study permits in order to study in Slovakia.

Our latest addition to Slovakian program is trading with so called Ready Made limited liability companies (s.r.o. in Slovakian). Also, due to extensive network of partners in Slovakia we have access to business transfer marketplace, therefore enabling to connect private business owners, that want to sell their business, to buyers and investors who want to buy a business in Slovakia.

Finally, we offer you our services regarding translation for English, Slovakian, and Italian language, as well as assistance for real estate investments in Slovakia.

If you need any additional information or assistance regarding company formation or accounting services, or regarding Ready Made made companies in Slovakia, feel free to contact Asst Office today to get your insight into Slovakian business market.