Estonia – Business Services

October 24, 2019
Estonia – Business Services

Estonia is for sure one of the best countries in Europe for your business venture. It favourable tax regime, as well as fact that Estonia is European Union member state creates perfect environment to provide business services such as:

  • Company Formation;
  • Accounting Services;
  • Consultations on taxation in Estonia;
  • Assistance in leasing or buying real estate;
  • Recruitment.

Moving to Estonia

Those who want to obtain temporary residence in Estonia, which is issued for period of one to five years, can do that under in cases of:

  • Family reunion;
  • Marrying an Estonian citizen;
  • Entering an educational institution or monastery;
  • Employment;
  • Formation of the company;

You can apply for a residence permit for employment if your monthly salary for the last 5 months was at least 1.310,00 EUR gross or 1.010,00 net. Also, if you want to obtain residence permit for business activity there are two different option:

  1. You can apply for a residence permit to conduct business activity if you are acting as a sole entrepreneur (FIE) and have invested at least EUR 16,000 in business activity in Estonia.
  2. You can apply for a residence permit for business if you are an owner and board member of an Estonian company and have invested at least 65,000 euro in the company’s activity. The company’s equity capital and the amount of registered fixed assets can be regarded as an investment.

Company formation in Estonia

The minimum share capital is 2.500,00 EUR, which can be contributed within 10 years. This means that you can register a company in Estonia without making a share capital contribution.

Being one of the most important tech centres in Europe, company formation process in Estonia is finished within five working days.

Estonian e-Residency program

An e-resident is a foreigner to whom, Estonia has created a digital identity based on the identity of the country of origin of the person and issued a digital identity card: e-resident’s digital ID.

e-Resident’s digital ID is a digital document that can only be used to identify a person and provide a digital signature in an electronic environment. e-Resident’s digital-ID allows the foreigner to participate in pubic-law and private-law operations in Estonia regardless of her or his physical location.

Becoming an Estonian e-Resident and having Resident’s digital ID will help you with your business venture in Estonia in many different ways.

If you are a digital nomad, freelancer, start-up company or digital entrepreneur that this program is made for you.

In case you want to learn more about Estonian business environment, business services that Asst Office provides there or Estonian e-Residency program send us an e-mail, text us or calls us via Viber or WhatsApp.