Temporary Residence in Serbia On The Basis of Possessing a Property

February 23, 2019
Temporary Residence in Serbia On The Basis of Possessing a Property
Vuk Vučković Attorney at Law - Legal Consultant

This type of residence in Serbia is issued for a shorter time period than the one that the Law on Foreigners stipulates. In practice, a permit on this basis is most often issued for a period of 6 months.

This is a great possibility for those who have or intend to buy a property in Serbia. It is much simpler if a foreigner already owns immovable property in the territory of the Republic of Serbia. In that case, they only submit a proof of possession of this property when applying for a temporary residence.

On the other hand, if a foreigner intends to buy, for example, a house or an apartment in Serbia, it is necessary for them to conclude a purchase contract. In practice, AsstOffice can help you to conclude the contract since it is necessary to carry out all the necessary checks for that real estate with the competent state authorities (to check if there is an encumbrance, who the owner is, etc.).

In Serbia, the purchase contract of immovable property has to be solemnized before a notary.

After that, you are not yet the owner of the real estate in question, but you have to submit a request with all the necessary documents to the Real Estate Cadaster. The Cadaster is in charge of registration of the ownership right on your behalf for that particular real estate.

In order for the Republic of Serbia to be assured that a foreigner residing in its territory will be financially secured, the foreigner must display proof of sufficient means of subsistence when applying for a temporary residence.