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What Can You Do Through Power of Attorney

What can you do through Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney or PoA is a legal document that gives one person or company authorization to make certain decisions or undertake specific actions on behalf and for the account of another person or company. Although in most cases PoA is given to Attorney at Law, other forms of PoA are known, as well.

Function of PoA

There are lots of different reasons why people make out a PoA. In most cases, PoA is given to Attorney at Law to make legal decisions or undertake legal action before Courts and other Government authorities. In other cases, people use a PoA to allow a principal to handle their financial affairs or to run a business on their behalf and for their account, either permanently or for a period.

What would we like to do for you through PoA?

When you decide to start a business in Serbia or some other country, you can authorize AsstOffice to reserve a business name for your company before Business Registers Agency, to draft Memorandum of Association, as well as to sign and before Public Notary certificate all Contracts, Decisions and other necessary documents regarding establishment and registration of the company, and in order to protect your interests undertake all legal actions in accordance with the Law, as well as to submit a Registration Forms, Amendments to the Registration Forms, and to take the Decision on Registration from Serbian Business Registers Agency.

Besides, this you can authorize AsstOffice to sign Contract on Dedicated Deposit and open a temporary bank account for paying prescribed share capital and sign Contract on Opening and Maintaining the Dinar and Foreign Currency bank account for your company.

Additionally, through PoA AsstOffice can manage a legal entity and therefore be empowered to act as Director or Legal Representative of the other legal entity, in this case, your company.

Furthermore, you can authorize AsstOffice to hire third parties, like one of our associates, to complete a specific task or undertake a particular action.

Durable Power

Duration of PoA can be temporary, for example, to do a particular task like recruitment and selection of candidates to employ in the company, or permanent like when you authorize AsstOffice to do accounting.

What is important is that you can revoke PoA when there is a need for that kind of action. Your security must always be at first place, and when you are signing a PoA be sure that all is stipulated in such a way that can not hurt you or your business.

If you have any questions or doubts regarding Power of Attorney feel free to contact us at any time.