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5 Reasons to Incorporate an IT Company in Serbia

5 Reasons to Open an IT Company in Serbia

The Serbian government has invested around $79 million in technical infrastructure to nurture start-ups, including initiatives like free work spaces and a focus on tech in universities. This, as well as the fact that export of ICT services of Serbia is worth more than 1.4 billion EUR and that it represents nearly 15% of Serbian GDP, shows that there are many reasons to incorporate an IT company in Serbia. Here we will mention just few of them.

1. Well educated and skilled employees

To begin, it is important to say that at every state University there is Faculty of Technical Sciences, where those from University of Novi Sad and Belgrade are ranked at Shanghai Ranking Lists. Beside knowledge of numerous programming languages, Serbian programmers are quite fluent in English. Also, it is not that uncommon that some of them speak third language, as well. Also, the fact that Serbia is ranked in top 5 countries in the world when it comes to Global Ecosystem for Affordable Talents and Activation Ecosystem for Blockchain. In addition to all of this, Novi Sad is considered to be capitol of IT sector in this region.

2. Favourable Taxes

To be honest, apart from having skilled employees, tax regime represents one of the most important parts when expending business to new market. Serbia has low corporate income tax rate for Tech start-ups. These start-ups enjoy stimulative Research and Development deduction and intellectual property box regime, also known as innovation box or IP box, tax regime rated at 3%. This means that star-ups pay very little for corporate income tax.

3. Developed Market

We firmly believe that if there is healthy competition everyone can benefit from that. Therefore, that Serbian has really developed IT market says a lot about opportunities that this country offers. We already mentioned skilled workforce and favourable taxes, being most important, but fact that many companies already have a strong presence at Serbian market tells a story of success of IT sector in Serbia.

4. Price / quality ratio

Maybe you already read that price of work is low in Serbia, and that prices in general are lower than in other countries in Europe. But what is more important is what you will get for your money. Beside affordable yet highly skilled workforce that you will most certainly find in Serbia, you will also find great office spaces and excellent infrastructure at lower price than in other countries in the region.

5. Future of IT in Serbia

As stated above, Serbian government is doing everything in their power to assure bright future for IT companies in Serbia. In order to secure constant influx of IT experts, computer science and informatics are as a compulsory subject in primary schools. Secondly, number of specialized IT departments in high schools is growing rapidly. Finals step is reform of higher education in the area of IT and expanding the educational capacity of future top experts in this field.

These would be 5 main reasons to incorporate an IT company in Serbia. In case that you have questions about how to register a company in Serbia, employment and labour law in Serbia and tax regime, contact our tax, legal and HR experts.