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Termination of employment in Serbia

Termination of employment in Serbia

There are several reasons for termination of employment in Serbia, where some of them are less complicated than other. In accordance with Labour Law, employment is terminated:

  1. due to the expiry of the term for which it was founded;
  2. when the employee reaches 65 years of age and at least 15 years of insurance service, unless the employer and the employee agreed otherwise;
  3. due to an Agreement between the employee and the employer – amicable termination;
  4. termination of the employment contract by the employer or employee;
  5. at the request of the parent or guardian of an employee under the age of 18;
  6. death of an employee;
  7. in other cases, stipulated by law.

When can the employer terminate employee’s employment?

An employer may terminate a employment contract for an employee if there are reasonable grounds for doing so relating to the employee’s ability to work and his or her behaviour.

Secondly, an employer may terminate a employment contract for an employee who, through his own fault, commits a breach of a work obligation. So, if employee negligently performs work responsibilities or misuse or exceed authority, employer has legal right to terminate employment contract.

Thirdly, an employer may terminate employment for an employee who does not respect work discipline. Thus, if employee unjustifiably refuses to carry out the tasks and carry out the orders of the employer in accordance with the law or abuse the right to leave due to temporary absence from work, employer can terminate employment.

Finally, an employee may terminate employment if there is a justifiable reason related to the needs of the employer, namely:

  1. if due to technological, economic or organizational changes the need to perform a particular job ceases or the volume of work is reduced;
  2. if employee refuses to conclude the Annex to the Contract.

Termination period

An employee whose employment contract has been terminated because he or she does not achieve the required results of work, or does not have the necessary knowledge and skills, is entitled to a notice period, which is determined by a General Act or employment contract, depending on length of service, which may not be shorter than 8 or longer than 30 days. The termination period begins on the day following the date of delivery of the Decision on Termination of the Employment.

If you need any additional information regarding termination of employment in Serbia contact legal consultant to determine if all important issues are regulated.