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Temporary Residence Permit and Blue Card in Slovakia

Temporary Residence Permit and Blue Card in Slovakia

There are many ways to obtain temporary residence permit in Slovakia, which precedes permanent residence permit. Although Blue Card represent one of the types of residences, we find it as special type, and therefore want to single it out.

What are the types of Temporary Residence Permits in Slovakia?

To obtain temporary residence permit in Slovakia, you will need to meet many criteria and fulfill several conditions. Regarding on which grounds you apply for this permit you can obtain:

  • Temporary Residence for the Purpose of Special Activity
  • Temporary Residence for the Purpose of Research and Development
  • Temporary Residence of a third-country national who is granted the status of a Slovak living abroad
  • Temporary Residence for the Purpose of Study in Slovakia
  • Temporary Residence for the Purpose of Business and Employment in Slovakia

Who can apply for residence permit in Slovakia?

Generally speaking, there are few groups of people that can apply for residence in Slovakia:

  1. a person interested to make business in Slovakia,
  2. a person who wants to work in Slovakia,
  3. a person with different interest to apply such as lecturer, artist, actor/ actress sportsman, journalist, volunteer you can apply under special conditions, scientist or Slovak living abroad,
  4. a person who wants to study in Slovakia any specific field or Slovak language.

How long does it take to take a decision on the application for a residence?

A police department, as a general rule, shall decide on the application for temporary residence within 90 days following the date of receipt of complete application.

The Act on Residence of Foreigners provides a derogation from above mentioned rule according to which a police department shall decide within 30 days following the date of receipt of complete application in certain cases.

Blue Card

Blue Card is a type of residence issued to third country nationals for the purpose of highly qualified employment in Slovakia. The basic requirement is higher professional qualification in the form of university education. Blue card entitles you to enter, reside and work in Slovakia, to travel abroad and back. Your future employer must report a job vacancy to the competent local Labour Office, at least 30 working days before applying for the Blue Card.

If you need more information regarding certain procedures or you need any other assistance regarding company formation, opening a bank account, obtaining temporary and permanent residence permits or Blue Card in Slovakia feel free to contact Asst Office.

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Financial Requirements For Temporary Residence in Serbia

Financial Requirements For Temporary Residence in Serbia

In essence, a foreigner will meet this requirement if they display the minimum needed amount at their non-resident bank account in Serbia. This amount is obtained by multiplying number 6 – because the residence permit is usually issued for a period of 6 months – by the average monthly salary in Serbia. The idea is clear – this rule puts the foreigner into the position of an employee in Serbia, who is assumed to be able to finance their life from these earnings.

Another option is for a foreigner to have a certain amount of euros in their account, which is calculated when you multiply the number of days spent in Serbia by 50 – since it is considered that 50 euros per day represent absolutely sufficient funds per diem in the account. It should be taken into account that this option requires significantly more funds in the account than the first option.

It is in both Serbia’s and the foreigner’s interest not only to be financially secured during the stay but to have the health insurance as well. For this purpose, when submitting a request for temporary residence, a foreigner should also provide proof in the form of a health booklet, private health insurance policy or health insurance from the home country with a special code that is valid in Serbia.

It takes about 3 weeks for getting residence permit after application.