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Temporary to Permanent Hiring – Why and How

Temporary to Permanent Hiring – Why and How

When a company is in the process of expanding its internal workforce there are many benefits to hiring temporary and temporary to permanent hires, also referred to as “temp to perm” employees. Temporary employees also referred to as Independent Contractors, and can be beneficial to a company when additional staff is needed for short term assignments, long term projects, freelance assignments, fulfilling staffing needs due to medical or maternity leave, or consulting positions.


Hiring through the temporary to permanent avenue also allows an employer to fully evaluate if a potential employee would be a positive and impactful addition to their team if given the opportunity to transition to a permanent role.

Over the course of their contract, an employer will be able to determine if the temporarily hired employee is a team player, what their communication style is, the breadth and depth of their work ethic, and if they can express themselves in a professional manner.

When searching for temporary employees one would seek candidates that have relevant experience and transferable skills that fall within the necessary parameters of the company and have demonstrated consistency and passion for their field. In order to find the highest quality candidates, possible temporary candidates must be recruited and interviewed as if they were being vetted for permanent positions. This process includes complete background and reference checks, drug testing, and verification of work permits.

The Interview

During the interview process it is important to be upfront about the duration of the assignment and if there is any possibility of transitioning to permanent status, and to inquire as to why the candidate is open to a temporary position and if they are interested in a full- time position in the future. Once they have been hired it is imperative that they are also on board as if they are permanent employees, so that they are able to be fully integrated into the company culture and the employer’s expectations have been clearly communicated.

Partnering with a recruiting agency is the most efficient method to recruit and hire temporary employees. An agency will be able to fill the position in a timely manner, pre-screen applicants to streamline the interviewing process for the company’s human resources department, provide testing if the position requires specific technical skills, asses if the candidate has the appropriate linguistic skills for the position, and the agency will be the party that is paying the temporary employee and overseeing any tax obligations.

Utilizing the expertise of a hiring agency is especially important for international companies looking to hire temporary or contract workers. Recruiting agencies will have a vibrant database of pre-screened, qualified candidates that will be available to fill these positions quickly and efficiently, reducing the number of interviews needed to assess an applicant.

Agencies will also be able to help companies navigate and execute the work visa application process and which type of visa is appropriate based on the duration of the assignment or if the assignment is extended for longer than originally expected. It is a sound investment for the long-term growth and staffing needs of your company to build a relationship with a recruiting agency.

In case you need to recruit and hire temporary or permanent employees do not hesitate to contact Asst Office and let us take care of finding suitable staff for your company’s needs.