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How To Obtain a Permanent Residence Permit in Serbia

How To Obtain a Permanent Residence Permit in Serbia

By temporary stay – residence permit

Permanent residency permit can be issued to a foreign citizen that has continuously stayed in Serbia for a period longer than five years, based on temporary stay – residence permit, up until the date of request submitting.

To a foreign citizen who obtained a temporary residence permit for the purpose of a job, employment, education, and study, half of the time spent in Serbia is counted as the time required for authorization of permanent residency permit. Also, a foreigner who stays in Serbia with repeated absence from Serbia up to ten months or with a single absence up to six months within five years is considered to be continuously staying in Serbia.

By marriage with a Serbian citizen

A foreign citizen who has been married for at least three years to a Serbian citizen and who has been granted permanent residence in Serbia may be admitted to citizenship of the Republic of Serbia if he submits a signed statement that he or she considers Serbia to be his or her country.

The marital community of living in the territory of Serbia or common law marriage is considered marriage, as well.

As a juvenile

As a juvenile, who obtained temporary stay – residence permit, may obtain a permanent residence permit in Serbia, if one parent is Serbian citizen or foreign citizen that has already acquired a permanent residence permit and with the consent of another parent.

Submitting a request for a permanent residence permit

Request for the residence permit is to be submitted at writing-office of the Ministry of Interior Affairs.

When submitting a request for the approval of permanent residence, the following shall be enclosed:

  1. A valid passport;
  2. Proof that the foreigner has enough funds to live on his own in Serbia;
  3. Proof that the foreigner possesses health insurance;
  4. Registration of the address of the residence in the Republic of Serbia – address of the apartment where the applicant has registered in the process of obtaining a temporary residence permit;
  5. Proof of payment of the prescribed administrative fee.

In addition to these documents, depending on the basis on which the foreigner was previously granted temporary residence in the Republic of Serbia, which is the basis for filing a request for permanent residence, one of the following documents is enclosed:

  1. Proof of ownership of the immovable property -excerpt from real estate list and other;
  2. Proof of working engagement in the Republic of Serbia;
  3. Proof of the existence of a kinship with a Serbian citizen or a foreigner that has already obtained permanent residence permit – excerpt from the register of births;
  4. Marriage certificate, not older than 6 months, and a birth certificate for a spouse, if the spouse is a citizen of the Republic of Serbia;
  5. A document stating an existence a marriage with a foreigner who has been granted permanent residence, in accordance with the national legislation of the country where the marital union is established;
  6. Evidence of free marital status for both partners and other evidence of the existence of an extra-marital community;
  7. Proof of origin from the Republic of Serbia – birth certificate for the applicant and birth certificate for one or both parents of the applicant.

If you have any question or you need assistance regarding obtaining both temporary and permanent residence permit in Serbia, or maybe in some other European country feel free to contact Asst Office at any time.