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Managing a Serbian Company

Managing a Serbian Company
Vuk Vučković Attorney at Law - Legal Consultant

The management of a Serbian company can be organized as one-tier or two-tier management. In the case of one-tier management, the organs of a company are the General Assembly and one or more Directors. On the other hand, in the case of two-tier management, the organs of a company are the General Assembly, the Supervisory Board and one or more Directors.

The General Assembly

The Assembly is composed of all members of the company. Unless otherwise provided in the Memorandum of Association, each member of the company has the right to vote in the General Assembly in proportion to the share, but that act cannot provide that the member of the company has no vote.

Its competence is very wide, and it includes making changes of the Founding Act, supervision the work of Directors and adopting Directors reports, if the management of the company is one-tier, election and dismissal members of the Supervisory Board and determines remuneration for their work, if the management of the company is bicameral. The General Assembly sessions may be regular and extraordinary, and they are convened by the Director, if the management of the company is one-tier or by Supervisory Board, if the management of the company is two-tier.


The company has one or more Directors who are legal representatives of the company. The number of Directors is determined by the Founding Act or by the Decision of the General Assembly. If the number of Directors is not determined by the Founding Act or by the Decision of the General Assembly, it is considered that the company has one Director.

The Director represents the company towards third parties in accordance with the Founding Act, the Decisions of the General Assembly and the instructions of the Supervisory Board, if the management of the company is two-tier. If the company has more than one Director, all Directors represent the company jointly, unless otherwise stipulated by the Founding Act or the Decision of the General Assembly of the company.

The director is entitled to remuneration for his work and may also be entitled to incentives through the allocation of shares.

The Supervisory Board

A member of the Supervisory Board must meet the conditions prescribed by the Company Law, such as to has business capacity and must not be employed in the company. Determining the business strategy of the company, establishment of the Company’s accounting policies and risk management policies and deciding on initiating the procedure and giving Power of Attorney to represent the company in dispute with the director are just some of the tasks that Supervisory Board in obliged to cope with.

If you are not sure whether to organize company as one-tier or two-tier it would be good to speak to legal consultant. Also, if you know how you want to organize but you need help to register a company experienced legal and business consultants can help you to set up business on firm grounds.

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Legal Entity: Acting as a Director or Legal Representative of Other Legal Entity

Acting as Director or Legal Representative of other Legal Entity

According to Serbian Company Law, one legal entity can be a member of another legal entity. Furthermore, it is allowed that one legal entity is registered as a legal representative of another legal entity. In addition to this that other legal entity must have at least one legal representative who is an individual.

In practice, this means that you can register your company in Serbia, register yourself as a legal representative and director of the company and agree that AsstOffice is also registered as a legal representative. By doing so, you will have full control of your company, but it will be easier for you to manage the company and to fulfill all the requirements towards government administration such as Tax Administration, Business Registers Administration and other. AsstOffice will not be authorized to make any changes or to make any payments without your permission. The scope of AsstOffice authorization is stated in the Agreement between your company, on one side, and AsstOffice on the other side, as well as in the Memorandum of Association and Registration Forms.

This type of service represents a part of legal entity management and is considered to be quite effective and usual when incorporating and operating a company in a new country, region or new market. It is representatives job to inform you about business climate, culture and customs, and to adapt your business model to requirements of the new market. Knowledge of legal and tax system is a necessity if you tend to succeed in your venture.

All of the above stated serves so that your focus is solely on business activity and give us the opportunity to do the administration work for you. This will make running a company much easier and more efficient.

One more benefit is that you can operate your business without even coming to Serbia. From company formation and opening a bank account to managing legal entity, everything can be stipulated and arranged through the Power of Attorney and Contracts.