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Financial Requirements For Temporary Residence in Serbia

Financial Requirements For Temporary Residence in Serbia

In essence, a foreigner will meet this requirement if they display the minimum needed amount at their non-resident bank account in Serbia. This amount is obtained by multiplying number 6 – because the residence permit is usually issued for a period of 6 months – by the average monthly salary in Serbia. The idea is clear – this rule puts the foreigner into the position of an employee in Serbia, who is assumed to be able to finance their life from these earnings.

Another option is for a foreigner to have a certain amount of euros in their account, which is calculated when you multiply the number of days spent in Serbia by 50 – since it is considered that 50 euros per day represent absolutely sufficient funds per diem in the account. It should be taken into account that this option requires significantly more funds in the account than the first option.

It is in both Serbia’s and the foreigner’s interest not only to be financially secured during the stay but to have the health insurance as well. For this purpose, when submitting a request for temporary residence, a foreigner should also provide proof in the form of a health booklet, private health insurance policy or health insurance from the home country with a special code that is valid in Serbia.

It takes about 3 weeks for getting residence permit after application.